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  Decotora Gal: Nami
Japanese Title: Dekotora Gal Nami
English Title: Decotora Gal: Nami
Director: Jojo Hideo
Cast: Akiho Yoshizawa / Rino Konno / Mutsuo Yoshioka / Yuya Matsuura
[2008 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 80 minutes]

Rights sold in North America, Hong Kong, Thailand and Korea.
Unflinching woman! Touching! Salacious! Dazzling woman drives sparkling truck!!

Nami inherited a Decotora (decorated truck) from her late father, who was a legendary trucker. Nami is very popular among the shippers because of her personality and dependable work. Momoka joins Nami as her partner. Momoka, an ex-hooker, is now determined to lead a serious life. Her resolution convinced Nami to work together. One day, this odd couple find themselves caught in an unexpected trouble. An action masterpiece filled with tears and laughs!!

alt : Dekotora_TR.wmv

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