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  Maidroid 2 - Maidroid VS Hostroids
Japanese Title: Maidroid VS Hostroid Gundan
English Title: Maidroid 2 - Maidroid VS Hostroids
Director: Naoyuki Tomomatsu
Cast: Akiho Yoshizawa / Shijimi / Miho Wakabayashi
[2010 / Color / VISTA / Stereo / 64 minutes]

One circuit of love pitted against hard-wired sex machines! Can the wires get uncrossed?

Shotaro Akiba is a university student who’s distressed in threes-- not popular, not stylish, and not cool. One day, he receives a package from his professor, Dr. Koenji, who mysteriously died. In the package, there is an automated life-size movable figure, a so-called maidroid. Named Maria, it looks exactly like a female student Shotaro’s dreamed of. In the meantime, there are increasing numbers of women around campus who commit crimes to do favors for men. The one who manipulates them behind the scenes is an evil genius, Professor Uekusa. Filled with the grudge of an ugly man, he’s made 13 handsome “hostroids” to seduce women at random. In fact, it was Dr. Koenji who helped him develop the hostroids. But he regretted that he took a part in this wrongdoing, so he developed Maria, the maidroid capable of loving humans on its own due to a love circuit installed in it, unlike the hostroids that only have sex on command. But she is still incomplete. Can Shotaro make her almost-human by activating her circuit? Can Maria fight off the looming 13 hostroids and stop Professor Uekusa?

alt : Maidroid2_TR.wmv

(C)Gensou Haikyuu Sha