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  The Heroine
Japanese Title: Pink Lady -Onna wa Sore wo Gamandekinai!
English Title: The Heroine
Director: Takahiro Ueno
Cast: Miho Yabe / Kazuro Nishioki / Masahiro Sagane
[2012 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 75 min.]

Sakura to the rescue for love and justice! Only now it's for real.

Sakura who played a heroine of a power-anger-type series retired when the show was over and got married without hesitation, believing she'd be in a peaceful life. Several years later, she's fully stressed-out with her foolish husband and his stupid doings. The only way she can shake her stress off is to perform a monodrama where she takes down invisible enemies in a black enamel suit. But one day, her life changes completely when she receives a notice of a reunion of former heroes and heroines of TV. She meets Kotaro, who played the Red counterpart to her Pink character, and recalls her love for him, who's now washed-up and fallen on hard times. After the reunion, the two stay together until everyone leaves, and Sakura goes to his apartment as an excuse to rest and become sober. They begin necking, but eventually stop before the crucial moment. From then on, she starts visiting his place, and the two become to fall for each other; however, Kotaro has a secret. Can she rescue him in his pinch? Will she sally forth in her body suit... or not?

(C)Cinema Creation / Legend Pictures