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  The Noisy Requiem
Japanese Title: Tsuito no Zawameki
English Title: The Noisy Requiem
Director: Yoshihiko Matsui
Cast: Kazuhiro Sano / Mamiko Nakai / Shimon Kumai / Yukiko Murata
[1988/ B&W / VISTA / Stereo / 150 minutes]

One of the top independent movies in the 80s. A soulful hard core fantasy. Avant-garde comes again with the Godes.
Whom can I play with today?

The southern part of the city of Osaka, Japan, Dreadful murder cases, aiming at young women, frequently occurs. Victims are dissected their underbelly, and their genitals are carried away. The criminal is a lonely young man, Makoto, and lives on a roof of a ruined building. He loves a mannequin, called "Naoko," and fantasizes that the mannequin gives a birth of a "love crystal." Makoto kills girls one after another and embeds them into "Naoko." As time goes, a mysterious life resides in "Naoko." Diverse people are drawn into the building, equals to the Demon's world, where they live. Everything on the streets looses their sense of time, homeless people and disabled soldiers, which are post-war ghost-like characters, strays around the streets. A childish but beautiful couple of a brother and a sister, who know only very primitive play, are led to the building by unknown power. For "Naoko" and a baby to be nearly born, Makoto begins to work for a sewer cleaning company that owned by a dwarfism brother and sister. Then, the dwarfism sister, Nastuko, asks Makoto on a date, but she is raped without pity on her way to the date. Makoto confesses Natsuko that he has a beloved woman and Natsuko is prostrated with jealous and loneliness that she can never put into words, then, she goes to the building. The childish sister feels "Naoko" a mother and the childish brother feels the sister sexuality... The cruel death comes up to the people in the ruined building...

alt : Tsuitou_TR.wmv

(C)1988-2007 Yoshihiko Matsu Yasuoka Films