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After Career

Director: Ken-ichi HIRABAYASHI

Genre: Documentary / Animal / Horse-racing

[2019 / Color / HD / Stereo / 95 min. / Japan’s Release: Spring 2020]


In 2018, Japan Racing Association earns 28 billion US dollars as sales proceeds from races held in 10 major cities in Japan.  Annually, over 6 million people visit racetracks.  Horse racing gets momentum not only as public gambling but also as entertainment.  To support this industry, 7,000 thoroughbreds receive life and are expected to be active as racehorses a year in Japan. 


Actually, there are tiny percentage of horses that can flourish after their debut, and it is common for horses to finish a competitive life without getting even a single victory.  However, on the other hand, about the "after career" of the horses who retired from the horse race, it has never been discussed so much.  And unfortunately, many horses have finished their lives before the end of Heaven’s will. 


What people relate to the horse-racing industry think about the problem with retirement of racehorses that have been shelved for many years.  In search of the answer, we visited the horse-related people from various standpoints, such as fans, horse owners, trainers, and business owners who make use of horse business.  There are figures of people who respect horses and face with them sincerely.  The voices of those who love horses have turned to great power and bring new perspective to the retired horse problem are beginning to blow. 


Horses are said to live 20 to 30 years.  Their “after career” is much longer than competitive life.  What do they need to live?  What we can do for them?


©Cream Pan

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