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Another Day in Paradise

Director: Yusuke INABA
Cast: Toshiyuki SOMEYA / Mizuki YOSHIDA / Kashime TATEKAWA / Ryunosuke MATSUMURA /


Genre: Suspense / Drama

Theatrical Release in Japan: Summer 2023

[2023 / Color / 1:1.33 / HD / 5.1ch / 109 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


The famous actor Masahide is taking a long rest in a house with a field on a peninsula to recover from the fatigue of years of work. The life he is leading is very different from his life in the city, and he is now recovering both mentally and physically. In terms of work, he has been cast in a new major film, and is close to making a full comeback.


Suddenly, his best friend Ryu comes to visit him. He had been arrested and detained for a certain case, but despite the help of a lawyer introduced by Masahide, he was eventually prosecuted, and has fled the country. Not wanting to be involved with Ryu, Masahide hides him for one night and then throws him out of the house. The next morning, his niece Yuki, who has nothing better to do, comes to spend her vacation at Masahide's house. Unaware of what is going on, she meets Ryu by chance on the beach and they hit it off, and she takes him back home with her.


This is the beginning of a depressing summer vacation for Masahide, who wants to live a peaceful life.


©︎"Paradise / Hanto" Production Committee

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