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Beautiful Goodbye

Director: Eiichi IMAMURA

Genre: Fantasy / Horror

Theatrical Release in Japan: 2021

[2019 / Color / HD / Stereo / 113 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]



One late summer day, Kogure, a stuttering writer, stabs and kills his neighbor before escaping in a stolen pickup truck.  Meanwhile Natsuko, a girl who wants to be a painter, is troubled by her work and her very jealous and abusive boyfriend, Shinoda. While running away from Shinoda, she falls down some steps and ends up dying.  Shinoda steals her body and carries it deep into the forest where he holds a shamanistic ceremony to revive her.  Later that night, Natsuko revives as a zombie, but Shinoda is asleep and doesn’t notice that she has escaped. Natsuko wanders around the forest and finally reaches a road.

Soon after, Kogure’s truck hits her and that is how they meet.  Natsuko gets in Kogure’s truck and asks him to take her away.  Shinoda wakes up to find that Natsuko has escaped. He suspects she has revived and this makes him extremely happy. He begins following after her, determined to track her down.  Natsuko learns that Kogure has stabbed a man but she still decides to escape together with him.  Meanwhile, as Shinoda is closing in, Natsuko’s body steadily begins to rot. Kogure tells her she can do whatever she wants as he will continue on their road journey together.


©︎Eiichi Imamura

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