Black Room

Director: Masato TSUJIOKA

Genre: Thriller / Horror

[2015 / Color / HD / Stereo / 90 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


Mario, who works at a news company as a director, has a fortune teller assess his future, but is told that he will meet with “Death” in the near future. Inept at his job and unable land a scoop, Mario is envious of Shindo, his elite co-worker, while bearing an unrequited love for Shindo’s writer fiancé, Kiyosumi. He has secretly taken countless, lecherous photos of her and before long, unable to hold back an urge, single-handedly remodels the storage shed at his home into a prison cell. Mario acquires important documents investigating a street gang stabbing which he skillfully makes use of to lure Kiyosumi to his home and lock her up in the prison cell.

Unable to escape from the well-built prison, Kiyosumi is made to live a life like a slave under Mario’s surveillance. Even if she is offered meals, she obstinately refuses and if she relieves herself, she is ridiculed for the stench. These and others gradually wear down her body and mind. Though Mario is attempting to steal away her body and soul, to give in to his feelings would be to choose “death,” so she refuses and resists whatever he does to her.

Soon, Mario senses that Death is close. If he can not steal her heart, then he can possess at most her body...even if it is chopped in to pieces. So, with electric saw in hand, he rushes her!!


©Tsujioka Production