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Blue Symphony

Director: Takahiro MITSUYOSHI
Genre: Documentary

Theatrical Release in Japan: August 2009

[2008 / Color, B&W / HD/ Stereo / 90 min. / English]

[Festival Revord]

Official Selection - 21st Tokyo International FIlm Festival



Jacques Mayol-- a gifted diver. He was famous for the first free diver who set the record of descending over 100 meters in 1976.  In that time, nobody thought that a human being can free dive over 100 meters. His diving life was portrayed in a quality  film“Le Grand Bleu” and his lifelong passion for diving was rooted in Sea of Karatsu where he met first a dolphin in his life.  This filmconsists of interviews with the people who shared a time with Jacques and the beautiful nature of Karatsu. He has been only talked as a giant, but this filmmirrors his true self and the nature of Karatsu that attracted Jacques deeply.


©︎Institute for Industry-University Cooperation of Visual media

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