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Bldg. N

Director: Yosuke GOTO
Cast: Minori HAGIWARA / Yuki KURA / Kasumi YAMAYA / Mariko TSUTSUI /

          Taro SUWA/ Mariko AKAMA / Takashi OKABE

Genre: Psychological Horror

Theatrical Release in Japan: July 2022
[2022 / Color / HD / 1:1.85 / 5.1ch / 104 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]



A college student, Shiori, visits an abandoned apartment complex in a provincial city, which is famous for its rumors of hauntings, out of curiosity along with Keita and Maho, who also attend the university. However, there are numerous residents there.  As Shiori and her friends begin to investigate, they suddenly experience a violent "bizarre rap phenomenon" and a resident jumps to his death right in front of them.

In contrast to Shiori and her friends, who are confronted with an incomprehensible scene, the residents do not change their expressions. Unable to understand what is going on in this apartment complex, they become increasingly terrified by the strange phenomena that continue to occur. The residents approach them, talk to them, and cleverly tempt them to join them. Keita and Maho, fascinated by the "mystical experiences" that keep occurring, are brainwashed. After losing her friends and being trapped, Shiori breaks into the building where the suicide victim was brought in, but what she sees there is something unexpected!



©︎"N Goutou" Production Committee

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