But Only Love...

Director: Kazuhiro SANO
Cast: Hitomi ENJO / Azusa SAKAI / Rina SERIZAWA / Miho NINAGAWA / Yoichi IIJIMA / Kazuhiro SANO

Genre: Family Problem / Drama

[2015 / Color / HD / Stereo / 89 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


SASAKI Hiroshi has throat cancer, undergoes surgery and loses his voice. He thinks about his life in exchange for his lost voice, and spends his life peacefully with his wife, Harumi. It’s as if he was born again, and he sometimes behaves childish to Harumi. One day, his daughter Kumiko asks him “Who’s my real dad?” He gets shocked to know their blood type shows they’re not parents and a child biologically. It’s as if his his happiness is completely overturned. Doubts, jealousy, hatred, and delusion overwhelm him. Next day, when he stands still in front of a temple, a man, called YAMAOKA, suddenly talks to him. Hiroshi tells his worries to YAMAOKA, though they meet for the first time. YAMAOKA asks Hiroshi to go on a trip together with Harumi and Chie, YAMAOKA’s partner. On their way to a hot-spring, Chie seduces Hiroshi, which makes Harumi irritated. After they arrive at the hot-spring, Chie threatens Harumi, saying “Today is the day you receive punishment.”


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