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call my name

Director: Toshiki SATO
Cast: Mitsuru FUKIKOSHI / Anthia JO / Haruka ENTA / Sho KASAMATSU / Yota KAWASE

Genre: Drama / Porn Industry

Theatrical Release in Japan: November 2018

[2018 / Color / HD / Stereo / 86 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]

[Festival Record]

Official Selection: Bucheon International Fantastic FIlm Festival 2019


Atsushi is a documentary writer for female porn stars. He always makes fool of them thinking that they are illiterate women in the lowest classes of society. He ,however, is attracted to them and sometimes lies calmly to them " I respect you." He actually has contradiction.

He meets Hanako through an interview. She is an adult video actress living in tokyo. She is not others and special that he has ever known.Her words and actions intrigues him. After that , he keeps having a relationship with her.

On the other hand , Hanako's younger sister Asuka(acting by Haruta Enta) lives in a country side with her parents. She suddenly drop out high school and comes to Hanako's place. Few days later , she has a fateful encounter in a bar called a host club.

She falls in love with Tsubasa. They have many troubles and live ther lives for the moment...



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