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Cinderella Girl

Director: Takaomi OGATA

Screenwriter: Yutaka WAKISAKA / Takaomi OGATA

Cinematographer: Kenichi NEGISHI

Cast: Himena IREI / Chie TSUJI / Marin IZUMI / Masaki OTA / Mariko TSUTSUI

Genre: Coming-of-Age

Theatrical Release in Japan: Q4 2023

[2023 / Color / HD / 5.1ch / 62min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


10-year-old Otoha is delighted with the changes in her body as she grows up. She considers the pain in her legs to be one of the changes she is growing as an adult woman. The pain is so severe that she goes to the hospital and is told by the doctor, “Someday you will lose your leg.” But Otoha is strangely not shocked and thinks it is a rite of passage to become an adult woman, just like baby teeth fall out and change.

She had one leg amputated at the age of 12 due to osteosarcoma. Of course, she is saddened by the loss of her leg, but she is even proud of her body, which is different from others. Her mother, Takako, gives Otoha a make-up kit. Otoha was so absorbed in applying her makeup on the bed that her boring life in the hospital suddenly became a glamorous one.

Being in and out of the hospital repeatedly, Otoha was unable to attend her junior high school graduation ceremony. For her, her classmates hold a graduation ceremony on the roof of the hospital. The ceremony video became a hot topic on SNS, and Otoha received an offer to be a fashion model. Due to the uniqueness of being a high school girl model with prosthetic legs, she attracts attention, but her modeling work is all about hiding her prosthetic legs.

One day, Otoha comes to know Risa, a fashion model with a prosthetic leg. On the other hand, her manager, Yui, is unexpectedly moved by the sight of Otoha with her prosthetic leg. She decides to promote her prosthetic leg more.

Then, they get a chance to perform in a fashion show. Otoha and Yui are delighted.

At a Halloween party invited by Sakura, a nurse, Otoha meets again with Shigeki, a doctor. They begin to talk intimately at the party. On the way back to Otoha's house, she loses her another leg in an accident.



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