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Dangerous Drugs of Sex

Director: Hideo JOJO

Cast: Takashi KITADAI / Sho WATANABE / Seiki CHIBA / Ruri SHINADO / Kohei NAGANO

Genre: LGBTQ / Erotic

Theatrical Release in Japan: 2020

[2020 / Color / HD / Stereo / 90 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]

[Festival Records]

Official Selection - Wicked Queer Boston's LGBTQ + Film Festival

Official Selection - Bucheon International Fantastic  Film Festival 2020


“I lost everything because of me.”  Makoto, an elite businessman with a perfect life, attempts to commit suicide by jumping off the building in a drunken frenzy in despair.

“If you intend to abandon your life, give it to me.”  Makoto is rescued by a mysterious man, Ryuichi, who appears suddenly, and it's the beginning of a terrifying life of confinement.  The intense sexual education between the two men, using never-before-seen equipment and Ryuichi's techniques, gradually unravels Makoto's mind and body.  Then Makoto learns that another man is behind Ryuichi's back.  But the man is no longer alive. Makoto tells Ryuichi that he cannot be replaced.  Perhaps Ryuichi had truly felt for the man.  Ryuichi, having regained his zest for life, tells Makoto, "You're free to go."  Makoto is bewildered by the sudden release, but goes to get on the bus to go home alone.  At the same time, Ryuichi is chasing after a vision of his late lover as he enters the cold sea...


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