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Dynamite Wolf

Director: Koehi TANIGUCHI
Cast: Yota KAWASE / Yusuke MATSUDA / Haruto KOBAYASHI / Susumu NODA

Genre: Professional Wrestling / Youth

[2017 / Color / HD / Stereo / 71 min. / Japan’s Release: Feb. 2019]

Elementary school boy Hiroto doesn’t have any talents or dreams for the future. One day he sees a wrestling match by popular masked wrestler Dynamite Wolf, and for the first time becomes enthusiastic. He decides to ask Dynamite Wolf to teach him how to fight. Meanwhile, Dynamite Wolf’s foray into politics has become big news…
This energetic coming-of-age drama is the first entertainment film by a director who has worked on self-documentaries and POV horror. The star is Kawase Yota from “Rolling” by TOMINAGA Masanori. With strong support from Dotonbori Pro Wrestling, a match scene was shot with 200 extras, taking “Dynamite Wolf” beyond the realm of a typical low-budget movie.


©2017 Hanazono Cinema

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