Field of New Graduates

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Director: Hiroki INOUE
Cast: Joji SHIBUE / Ito OHNO / Atomu MIZUISHI / Keisuke SAKURAI / Ruka MATSUDA

Genre: Drama

Theatrical Release in Japan: April 2020

[2019 / Color / HD / Stereo / 111 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]



iSense, an agriculture technology company, is growing fast; however, employees who couldn't keep up with the president's way of business and quite the company together.  And those who resign iSense launch a new company, called GI Factory.  GI Factory hires many of high-grade recent graduates and becomes a strong competitor of iSense.
Kitamura, a president of iSense, decides to recruit newly grads to deal with the sense of danger of GI Factory.  And he assigns Misa, a young employee, as a recruitment staff.  Misa struggles to find out the best solution to higher high-grade people with limited budget.


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