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Director: Hatsuki YOKO-O
Takenori GOTO / Motoki FUKAMI / Kumiko ENDO / Meimi TAMURA /

          Minami MINEGISHI / Kenshin ENDO / Akira OHASHI / Yoji TANAKA

Genre: Family Crisis / Drama

Theatrical Release in Japan: Fall 2022
[2022 / Color / HD / 1:2.35 / 5.1ch / 98 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]



Based on the original novel “Daijina kotohodo kogoede sasayaku" by Akio Morisawa ,a popular author who has had many of his works adapted into films. Tetsuo Gonda, nicknamed Gon-mama, is a big, macho gay man. During the day, he works out at the gym, and in the evening, he runs his Snack Hibari bar, has various customers, who are also his gym buddies. They all have their own private troubles and sorrows. Every night, Gon-mama and the bartender, Kaori, serve cocktails suited to the problems of their customers, whispering the language of cocktail. Tonight, Ryoichi Shikai, a dentist, shows up again. Ryoichi is usually a cheerful person, but something big is troubling him. The cocktail that Gon-mama chooses for Ryoichi is...


©︎GOLDENTREE  2022 “GON-MAMA”Film Partners

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