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Gray Wall

Director: Kozo ANDO
Cast: So OKUNO / Ayaka KONNO / Noboru KANEKO / Shinji NIRA / Kaito YOSHIMURA /

          Shogo HAMA / Ryuki TAKAHASHI / Yuki TAMAKI / Maryjun TAKAHASHI / Takanori JINNAI

Genre: Action / Drama

Theatrical Release in Japan: February 2022

[2022 / Color / HD / Stereo / 102 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


In 1996, a huge motorcycle gang has infested the area around the city, which is controlled by the Aoba-kai gang, and young people are waging a war against them. Masaki, a member of OUJIN, the most powerful motorcycle gang in the area, is falsely accused by the Aoba-kai and its affiliated MICHIGAN motorcycle gang, who do not like his progress, and arrested and sent to a juvenile prison. Masaki learns that outside the prison walls, members of OUJIN are being bought off one by one by the Aoba-kai, and that even his wife and daughter, whom OUJIN members had promised to take care of until his release, are being blackmailed. In order to get out of prison as soon as possible, he decides to first become a model prisoner, but he is treated unreasonably even in prison. Can he save his wife and daughter? A true story that actually happened to a man.


©︎2022 "Haiiro no Kabe Oomiya Notorious" Production Committee

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