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Greed & Hot Springs

Director: Ryo KAWAKAMI

Cast: Aika SAWAGUCHI / Momoka KOHAMA / Nanaha ITOSE / Ayu OHKUMA /

Kyo SATO / Reira HOSHI / Yuki OGOE

Genre: Comedy / Suspense

Theatrical Release in Japan: Q4 2023

[2023 / Color / HD / 5.1ch / 78min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


On a high school trip to a hot spring resort, a group of high school girls discover a bag full of wads of cash that a yakuza mistress has absconded with. The total amount is $200K! A hitman appears to recover the money, a teacher is blackmailed by a student, and a student becomes the hitman's hostage. Multiple agendas become entangled in this crime comedy set in a hot spring resort, where confusion leads to confusion.


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