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Happy Island

Director: Yuya WATANABE
Cast: Kaito YOSHIMURA / Suzuka OHGO / Kohichi MIWA / Naoki NAKAMURA / Masato HAGIWARA

Genre: Youth / Earthquake / Reputational Damage

Theatrical Release in Japan: March 2019

[2017 / Color / HD / Stereo / 78 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


Shinya is 23 years old living in Tokyo.  He changes his job often and lives a half-hearted life.  A master of the bar introduces him a job of agriculture in Fukushima, where the massive earthquake hit some years ago.  Shinya starts a farm work unwillingly.  While living on the area, he meets Masao who lost his wife due to the earthquake and Risa who works at a nursery school, and he also feels the effort and warmth of the people living there.


One month has passed since Shinya worked as a farmer, and he starts dealing with shipping and witnessing radioactivity test of the harvest.  So, he will face the reality of harmful rumors.


Shinya knows Masao’s passion and extraordinary efforts against agriculture; therefore, he helps to sell vegetables outside of the area.  But he meets there customers who get angry and say, “Do you sell vegetables covered with radiation?” there.


Shinya faces people who work hard to do what they can do, although being told the terrible things and decides to face his life seriously.


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