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Director / Screenwriter: Kazuomi MAKITA
Cast: Kayo ISE / Ryuta FURUYA / Ami CHONG / Kosei KUDO /


Genre: Horror

Theatrical Release in Japan: 2024

[2023 / Color / DCP / 2ch / 70 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


Is it a Counselor or God who saves your heart? A philosophical horror film that questions the nature of salvation.


Shiori, a clinical psychologist and single mother, resigns from her clinic after the death of her daughter and begins offering free consultations at the public library. One day, she is asked by Hasegawa, a priest, to see Tsujimura, a troubled member of the congregation. Tsujimura wants to do something about his own uncontrollable murderous impulses, but he refuses to face Shiori, who is waiting for counseling with him at the church. Meanwhile, at the church, people's madness is intermingling and something terrible is beginning to stir. The film, which begins with a very ordinary day in the life of a mother and daughter, quietly, very quietly, goes off the rails.

[Director's Statement]

I myself am not a believer, but I have been reading the Bible for a long time, and I especially like the Book of Job. In a sense, I think it is an unreasonable story, but I am attracted to it.  I made this film on the theme of "salvation" using the Book of Job as a motif.  The clinical psychologist takes a medical approach to saving people, and the priest takes a different approach. I took a horror approach.

When something happens that is beyond human control, can you call it salvation or a miracle?



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