I'm ten, Then I'll Catch eleven

Director: Yoshimasa JIMBO

Genre: Children / Family

[2014 / Color / HD / Stereo / 75 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


[Festival Record]

Winner: The Audience Award - 20th Kinder Film Fest Kyoto
Official Selection: Fukuoka Independent Film Festival 2014
Official Selection: Osaka Asian Film Festival 2014



An elementary school boy, Shogo, catches insects and collects them at home every day during his school's winter break. His school mate girl, Kanon pleads with him to become his pupil. Shogo allows it and starts to teach her how to catch insects and mount them.

Shogo knows there is a much larger insect collection in his father's room, which is always locked. But when his father, Toru, comes back from his job overseas, where he is touched by the reincarnation philosophy of India and Bhutan, he tells Shogo that he doesn't want to collect insects anymore and gives his collection room key to Shogo. Whilst wondering why his father stops collecting insects, Shogo gets the key.

Shogo's grandfather, Tadashi, treats his dead wife's ashes as a living figure, but Shogo notices that the noodles Tadashi offers to her for the new year remains in the bowl. Shogo thinks the reason why the noodles don't disappear is because his grandmother has already reincarnated into something else.

After the new year's day, Shogo examines his grandmother's ashes brought from his grandfather's house with his microscope and thinks the reincarnation philosophy over in his collection room. Shogo comes to his parents' bedroom and asks how long reincarnation continues. His mother, Kaori, tells him it doesn't last forever.

A few days later, Shogo goes to the river with Kanon. After scattering the ashes, the strong wind blows. He explains to her that it's gratitude from his grandmother and says goodbye to the river.