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Indelible Memories

Director: Shin SONODA
Cast: Katsumi HYODO / MOMOKA / Ai YAMAMOTO / Takumi YAGI

Genre: Romance / Sci-Fi

Theatrical Release in Japan: Spring 2023

[2022 / Color / 4K / Stereo / 96 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]

[Festival Record]

Winner: The 56th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival - Bronze Remi Award
Winner: The 12th Richmond International Film Festival - Best Screenplay & Best Actor Award

Winner: The 5th Japan Indie Film Festival - Best Feature Film

Official Selection: The 77th Salerno International Film Festival

Official Selection: The 24th Newport Beach Film Fest


At night, Yui, a musician, meets Jun-ichi, an improvising actor, on the riverside square where young people are performing on the street. They argue with each other over their "stage". Jun-ichi intervenes in a fight one day, but is knocked down. Yui shows up and drives him to the hospital. Their are attracted each other, but then Jun-ichi gradually starts acting weird and then he disappeared. After two years of searching for Jun-ichi, Yui receives a letter from a person who claims to have Jun-ichi 's memories in custody. After visiting and watching the "Film of Memories," Yui learns about the secret that Jun-ichi has been keeping from her.



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