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Comic-Book IP Sales

GETA FILMS handles overseas visualization rights, including film adaptations, TV series adaptations, and TV anime adaptations, for the works of two of the world's most famous cartoonists, who is Kengo HANAZAWA & Hideo YAMAMOTO.

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【Original Title】Ichi

【Episodes】11 Episodes

【Author】 Hideo YAMAMOTO【Year】 1993


Ichi Shiroishi, who is bullied but strong in karate, and Dai Akaguma, who attended the same dojo as a child and later became a delinquent feared by all students. Akaguma is  annoyed by Ichi, who never challenged him to a fight. But when someone whispers something in Ichi's ear...?
Furthermore, a transfer student from Kansai, Onisame, appears in front of Ichi... What will be Ichi's fate?



【Original Title】Okama Hakusho

【Episodes】61 Episodes

【Author】 Hideo YAMAMOTO【Year】 1989-1991


Shinya Okama, the protagonist of the story, takes one look at a girl he saw in a photo and falls in love with her. However, it turns out to be his own self, dressed as a woman in a drunken stupor!

When Shinya makes his debut as hostess Catherine at a gay bar called Maurice's, he falls in love with Miki, who looks exactly like him in drag.



【Original Title】Tokkaten

【Episodes】7 Episodes

【Author】 Kengo HANAZAWA【Year】 2012


This is a collection of Kengo HANAZAWA's short stories.

BURIAL PIT – In the last summer of high school, 3 boys try to make a peephole in the girl’s room. “Dull Moon” – Naohide, is stripped naked and keeps on the highschool rooftop, meets Kumiko who is also bullied. Then, Kumiko suggest something to Naohide.

MESSAGE FROM JOHNNY – Johnny, aims to assassinate the gang boss, confines a high school girl, Kaori, who saw Johnny holds a gun. But this is the beginning of a strange life together.
RING GIRL – A drunk girl gets in a taxi, and the driver, ex-Boxing gym owner, finds she has outstanding punch.




【Original Title】  Nozoki-Ya

【Episodes】114 Episodes

【Author】 Hideo YAMAMOTO【Year】 1994-1997


Ken's occupation is a professional "peeping tom" who can look into any person's life upon request, and even look deep into the target's mind with his cloudy left eye. Ken is also well versed in all the techniques of the underworld, including wiretapping and picketing. Smile, a rookie who is inexperienced at his job but takes on difficult cases with a passionate heart, and Chou, an old- timer with the hearing ability of a dolphin who has a deep relationship with the police due to his extensive experience at a credit bureau, run a detective business called "Peeping Investigation" with a delivery van.



【Original Title】  Koroshiya Ichi

【Episodes】103 Episodes

【Author】 Hideo YAMAMOTO【Year】 1998-2001


A fierce killing between Ichi, a cutthroat and ex-bullied child, and Kakihara, a masochist gang, kicks off.  The timid youth Ichi has a strong sadistic nature in his heart.  On the other hand, Kakihara feels pleasure in being targeted for life.  When two fates meet, the city of Shinjuku is stained with blood.



【Original Title】I AM A HERO

【Episodes】264+1 New Episode

【Author】 Kengo HANAZAWA【Year】 2009-2017


A comic book artist, Hideo, is a 35-year-old geek. He makes living as an assistant artist. Anxiety and dissatisfaction always dominates his life, and the relationship with his girlfriend gets worse. However, an incident that people become cannibal zombies occurs all around Hideo. When Hideo visits his girlfriend room, she already transforms to a zombie, and he cut her head off. Hideo takes one step to live.

Winner of the 58th Shogakukan Manga Award and considered one of the greatest sci-fi horror manga ever,  I AM A HERO is an award-winning series about a down-on-his-luck artist struggling to find meaning in his daily life when a zombie outbreak hits Tokyo. With only a shotgun to protect himself, this cowardly hero fights his fears and doubts, as he dreams of one day becoming the protagonist of his own life.



【Original Title】Ressentiment

【Episodes】49 Episodes

【Author】 Kengo HANAZAWA【Year】 2004-2005


Takuro is a single, fat, bald and virgin, works for a small printing factory in the future Tokyo. When he drinks with his friends on his 30th birthday, his friend, Daisaku, tells Takuro that he becomes so popular with the girls these days, so he quits his job to spend more time with girls. However, it is the story of the world of virtual reality dating game with advanced AI girl characters. Takuro envies Daisaku, tries to enjoy the game world himself and buys game software, called “Tsukiko.” Takuro is eager to enjoy life with Tsukiko in virtual reality. As he plays the game, he notices that the “Tsukiko” is different from ordinary AI software. Takuro gradually finds Tsukiko’s true identity. And the virtual world begins to erode the real world.



【Original Title】Boys on the Run

【Episodes】116 Episodes

【Author】 Kengo HANAZAWA【Year】 2005-2008


Tanishi, 27, is a sales employee of a small toy manufacturer. A virgin man who has never had a girlfriend in his life lives with his parents. One day, a colleague of a company, Chiharu, whom Tanishi is in love with her, told him that she is pregnant. Aoyama who impregnates Chiharu is a guy working for a rival company of Tanishi’s and who also gives Tanishi advice on how to see Chiharu. Chiharu asks Tanishi to sign on an abortion consent form since she has been abandoned by Aoyama. Tanishi raises his anger toward Aoyama and declares "I will come to beat you within this month." But in his life, Tanishi has never had a fight. Suzuki, a colleague and an ex-boxer, comes to and forces Tanishi rigorous training in order to teach him simple boxing skills. And the day of the fight, Tanishi confronts Aoyama who masters Capoeira. The fate of an unsuccessful business man begins to move forward by the boxing encounter.

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