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Life is Fruity

Director: Kenshi FUSHIHARA
Cast: Shuichi TSUBATA / Hideko TSUBATA

Genre: Documentary

[2016 / Color / HD / Stereo / 91 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]

[Festival Records]

Official Selection - Macau International Documentary Film Festival 2018

Official Selection - Madrid International Film Festival 2018

Official Selection - Shanghai International Film Festival 2018



A 90-years-old architect Shuichi Tsubata lives with his wife Hideko in a one-storied house in the woods in Aichi prefecture. He built this house after the house of his master, Antonin Raymond.

They grow many kinds of vegetables and fruit in their garden and harvest the crops to make their living. Their lives embody the ideal of people in this modern age.

As a skilled architect, Shuichi was in charge of a planning of a new town 50 years ago.  He wanted to build houses that can coexist with woods, but his idea was rejected by the time of economic-first policy. As a result, houses far from nature were built. Shuichi left his work, purchased land in the new town, and built a house for him and his wife. They grew crops and woods there to make their living slowly and steadily.

One day, a client visits Shuichi to ask for his architectural design. The order is a challenge for Shuichi to realize his ideal building that can coexist with nature.



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