Modern Love

Director: Takuya FUKUSHIMA

Genre: Fantasy / Drama

Theatrical Release in Japan: November 2018

[2018 / Color / HD / Stereo / 116min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


[Festival Records]

Winner Best Sound Award - Nice International Film Festival 2018

Winner Best Visual Effects and Design - Madrid International Film Festival

Winner Jakarta International Gold Award - Jakarta International Film & Art Festival

Winner Best International Feature Film - South Texas International Film Festival

Winner Best Feature Film - Cebu International Film Festival

Winner Best Critics Choice Feature - Cardiff International Film Festival

Winner Prize for Extraordinary Artistic Performance - Japan Film Fest Hamburg

Official Selection - Amsterdam International Filmmaker Festival

Official Selection - Guam International Film Festival

Official Selection - Delhi International Arts Festival

Official Selection - Arthouse Asia

Official Selection - London International filmmaker Festival



NASA announces the discovery of a new planet in the solar system, Emanon, where life might exist. Despite people’s enthusiasm, abnormal weather events occur frequently.

Working part-time at a travel agency, Mika is doing her Master’s degree in theoretical physics. She hasn’t been able to get over Teru, her boyfriend who disappeared five years ago. As a matter of fact, she spends every day talking to Teru in her delusions.One day, Mika suddenly experiences déjà vu and meets a version of herself…

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