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Oni Girl!!

Director: Genki TAKIGAWA
Cast: Manami IGASHIRA / Mizuki ITAGAKI / Kaisei KAMIMURA / Hiyori SAKURADA /

Mizuki YOSHIDA / Shunta SONO / Amu Fukao / Juki SUETSUGU / Ryushin TEI

Naomasa MUSAKA / Tomomitsu YAMAGUCHI

Genre: Comedy

Theatrical Release in Japan: 2021

[2020 / Color / HD / 5.1ch / 120 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


Momoka is a first-year student who dreams of a wonderful high school life. She has a secret that should never be known. She is an ogre with the blood of an ogre tribe. She is determined to enjoy her adolescence as a high school girl, while being careful not to be "exposed as an ogre" because of her extraordinary strength and the fact that she grows horns when excited. However, when she is reunited with a childhood friend who has returned from Tokyo, she suddenly finds herself in danger of being exposed as a demon. Then, a senior member of the film club scouts Momoka as a heroine, and she is elated.


©︎2020 Eiga "Oni Girl ! !" Production Committee

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