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Our Last Day

Director: Yuka IBAYASHI

Screenwriter: Hajime IBUKI
Cast: Seina NAKAGAWA / Seiko IWAIDO / Tateto SERIZAWA / Yuka NAKASHIMA / RIho UOI /

Juri NOJIMA / Ema MOGAMI / Haruka AONO / Satoshi ZENBUTSU / Masahiko NISHIMURA

Genre: Fantasy

Theatrical Release in Japan: 2024

[2023 / Color / 2K / 1.90:1 / 5.1ch / 91min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


A girl who tried to commit suicide meets an angel.


After the suicide of her kind father, her mother became addicted to a new religion and disappeared. Kiho's happy family collapses. Kiho has been living alone since entering junior high school. Unable to return to the happy past, she feels hopeless about her reality. One day, Kiho goes to school as usual. Then, she sees a sign at the main gate that says, "School Closed for National Holiday. The moment she sees this, she feels like giving up, like she doesn't care what happens to her life. As if sucked in, she heads for the rooftop and decides to commit suicide. At that moment, she meets a woman with a bleeding nose who calls herself an "angel. For some reason, Kiho ends up spending the day with the angel as it is. A casual "last day" spent with an angel named Baba-san. The quirky townspeople she encounters and the casual events that occur there quietly shake Kiho's world into a brighter one.


©︎"Shukujitsu" Production Committee

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