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Director: Toshihiko TANAKA
Cast: Takara SUZUKI / Maeko OYAMA / Shogo MORIYAMA / Akio IKEDA /

Keita KATSUMATA / Mayu TANO / Hana KANNO / Ryuji UCHIDA / Mayumi TSUKIYAMA /

Toshihiko TANAKA

Genre: Romance

Status: Completed

Theatrical Release in Japan: 2024

[2024 / 2.35:1 / Color / 5.1ch / TBA min. / Japanese with English subtitles]

[Festival Records]

Grand Prize: Tiger Award Competition - The 53rd International Film Festival Rotterdam 2024


Hikari is in her early thirties and lives and works in Tokyo. She has no particular problems but is unable to find her own value.

In contrast to her, the people around her have their own big problems. Everyone has their own counterparts, clumsily balancing themselves by connecting with each other.

By chance, Hikari meets a deaf landscape photographer who lives deep in the mountains of Hokkaido, far from Tokyo. Through this connection, Hikari begins to discover the value of her own existence, which gradually destroys her relationships with those around her.


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