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Rental Family

Director: Takehito SAKAMOTO

Screenwriter: Takehito SAKAMOTO / Yuuki NAKAMURA / Kazuhiko TSUCHIYA
Cast: Shun Shioya / Nanami Kawakami / Yua Shiraishi / Yuichi Ishii / Denden /

Chiaki Kawamo / Takaaki Nomi / Fumina Suzuki

Genre: Family / Drama

Theatrical Release in Japan: 2023

[2023 / Color / 4K / 5.1ch / 107 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


Single parent Tomoko decides to rent a father for her daughter Sakura. After four years of spending time as a "family", Tomoko's estranged ex-husband suddenly appears in front of them. Meanwhile, Mikami, the owner of the rental family company, notices that Masami, also a single parent, is being too reliant on him. She's using the service much too frequently and has been cutting down on her food expenses because of it. So Mikami tries to reason with her. Nanako, a high-school student, lives with her mother Yumiko, who is juggling two part-time jobs. One day Yumiko collapses and dies from overwork, and after holding a funeral with Mikami, a father who comes home once a month, Mikami confesses a secret she never expected.


©︎"Rental x Family" Production Committee

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