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Samuel Bekett's Room

Director: Takeshi SONE / Linden JANG
Cast: Sa-Rang LEE / Takuya MASUMURA / Yoo-Jin LEE

Genre: Fantasy

Theatrical Release in Japan: Fall 2022
[2022 / Color / HD / 1:1.85 / 2ch / 81 min. / Korean & Japanese with English subtitles]



Lang's grandma passed away. Inner voices tell her it's time to leave the island. She tells her uncle, but invents a story about going to a concert. Soon she starts believing it and goes there only to find it’s over. People from her past talk to her one by one. She realizes they're all past memories. She's now confused between imagination and locked memories. A superficial man stands alone. Today he's leaving the island but things start disappearing one by one, even his identity. He searches to find what he has lost. He meets people and they all have similar memories about the same event. He suspects them of being culprits. Memories, imagination, all mix together. What is he really missing?



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