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Shimokita Blazer

Director: Kozo ANDO
Cast: Kazuto SATO / Ryunosuke AKANA / Ken AOKI / Naoto KURATOMI / Keitoku ITO / 

          Tadayasu SATO / Saeko URA / Moro MORO-OKA ("Shin Godzilla" / "Kids Return")

Genre: Action / Comedy

Theatrical Release in Japan: Summer 2024

[2024 / Color / HD / Stereo / 71 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


Don't get into the shady job! KEN is a poor tattoo artist who lives off his day job, barely making ends meet by selling the marijuana that SMOKY grows on the streets.  One day, his dog, Booby, gets sick and needs expensive surgery. In order to raise the money for the surgery, the two men find a dark job on the Internet and join the job.  Together with BUZZ and SNOW, who were also recruited, they headed for a jewelry store. During a desperate jewelry heist, KEN steals a legendary record "Simokita Blazer," which was not ordered by the client.  The jewelry store's nefarious owner and the police are also on the move, and a car chase in Tokyo begins over the record, which has a market value of several hundred million dollars!


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