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Silence of the Sea

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Director: Setsuro WAKAMATSU (“Fukushima 50”, 2020)

Screenwriter: So KURAMOTO
Cast: Masahiro MOTOKI (“Departures” by Yojiro TAKITA) / Kyoko KOIZUMI (
“Tokyo Sonata” by Kiyoshi KUROSAWA) / Misa SHIMIZU (“The Eel” by Shohei IMAMURA) / Shiro SANO / Toru NAKAMURA / Masato HAGIWARA (“Café Lumière” by Hsiao-Hsien Hou, “Cure” by Kiyoshi KUROSAWA) / Ken TANAKA / Mika MIFUNE / Masane TSUKAYAMA / Takehiro MURATA / Kiichi NAKAI / Koji ISHIZAKA

Production Company: INUP Co., Ltd.

Production Status: In-Post Production

Theatrical Release in Japan: Winter 2024


Genre: Suspense / Romance
[2024 / Color / HD / 5.1ch / 112 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


The last years of a man who is a painter and a tattoo artist, who is always in pursuit of beauty, regardless of authenticity.


The day before his exhibition, world-renowned painter Tamura discovers that his own work contains a forgery. Meanwhile, the body of a woman with countless ukiyo-e tattoos is discovered at the sea. From the two incidents, the name of Ryuji emerges.

Ryuji is energetically pursuing beauty, both authentic and fake, but his body is ravaged by illness. Tamura banished Ryuji, an up-and-coming genius painter, from the art world. His wife, Anna, and Ryuji were once lovers. As an investigation into the forgery case looms, a mysterious man named Suiken brings Ryuji and Anna together. While wandering on the verge of death, Ryuji completes a painting.


©︎2024 Eiga "Umi no Chinmoku" INUP Co.,Ltd

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