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Sing In Love

Director: Izuru KUMASAKA
Cast: Yu INABA / Kenshin ENDO / Honami SATO / Rion TAKAHASHI / Takuya MATSUNAGA /

Shingo MIZUSAWA / Kazunari URYU / Makoto NAKAMURA / Asuka KUROSAWA / Toshihiko KOKUBO

Genre: Music / Humanity / LGBT

Theatrical Release in Japan: Summer 2022

[2021 / Color / 2.39:1 / HD / 5.1ch / 117 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


A temporary elementary school teacher is humiliated in body and soul, and a lone rapper hunts him down.
What is the love and way of life of these deeply wounded men?


Hitoshi is an honest temporary elementary school teacher. His life is going well and is on his way to becoming a regular teacher.  But one night, he is attacked by a masked man and is humiliated both physically and emotionally.  Hitoshi files a damage report with the police and goes to a psychiatrist to overcome the trauma.  Despite the terrible trauma, Hitoshi remains married to his wife Hitomi, who has a disparity in income.  Just as he is about to fulfill his teaching duties to further his career as a Japanese language teacher, a mysterious young man named "Kai" appears and whispers to Hitoshi the unpleasant words he was told on the day he was attacked. Hitoshi's daily life is once again plunged into chaos.

Kai relentlessly provokes Hitoshi to rap about his emotional trauma, but who is he? Kai invites Hitoshi to a shelter in a corner of an industrial area, where he comes into contact with the socially inhibited people who live there.


©︎ 2021 “Koi Kogare Utae” Production Committee

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