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Stay With Me Till the Dawn

Director: Toshiyuki MORIOKA
Cast: Mao MIYAJI / Katsuya MAIGUMA / Naho YAMADA / Akira SHIBATA / Yuto ARAI

Genre: Crime / Suspense

Theatrical Release in Japan: July 2018

[2018 / Color / HD / Stereo / 96 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


Misaki, works at a bar in the town, has a dream to be a painter.  However, she gets involved in “another job” of the bar, which is prostitution, to raise her only son, Riku, by herself.


One day, a mysterious man, Kazuya visits the store and picks Misaki.  Even if Misaki and Kazuya enter the room, he never touches Misaki and looks outside of the room.  Since then, Kazuya visits Misaki every night, looks out of the same window and comes home.
Misaki gradually gets attracted to Kazuya, while feeling a somewhat menacing atmosphere and mysterious behavior of him.


Misaki secretly tells the information she gets at the bar to a detective, Shigeta, whom she knows well for a long time.  A colleague of Misaki, Kotono tells Misaki’s secret, which she is an informant of the police, to Kazuya after the argument with her.  Misaki is disappointed that Kazuya may never show up at the bar again.  Nevertheless, when Shigeta invites Misaki and Riku to an amusement park, She finds Kazuya there.  Kazuya seems to tails a gang boss...


©︎2018 Legend Pictures

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