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The Bonds of Clay

Director: Kenichi OMORI
Cast: Atsushi ITO / Rina UCHIYAMA / Hiyori SAKURADA /



Genre: Family / Drama

Theatrical Release in Japan: 2021

[2021 / Color / DCP / Stereo / 112 min. / Japanese with English / Mandarin / Traditional Chinese subtitles]


Set in a town renowned for its unique, locally-developed pottery style, this is the story of a family of craftsmen taking on the enormous challenge of creating an Olympic flame cauldron.

The studio master Ryusei has won the design competition and aims to produce the ceramic cauldron with the efforts of his whole family. However, in order to succeed, he needs to draw upon the skills and techniques of his estranged father, who runs a rival studio, as well as the help of the other local ceramics studios and kiln masters. His brother then suddenly arrives in town, leading to the reopening of old wounds between the father and sons regarding the circumstances of their mother’s death. As conflict erupts and everything seems hopeless, something left by their deceased mother becomes the key to their success. The once-estranged family, along with the whole town, attempt to unite and work together once more. Will they be able to create this giant cauldron?


©︎2021 "Mirai eno Katachi" Production Committee

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