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The Book Peddler

Director: Ken-ichi OHMORI
Cast: Rina TAKEDA / Yutaka KOBAYASHI / Yuki SATO / Takeshi NAITO

Genre: Family / Drama

[2016 / Color / HD / Stereo / 109 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


In a sea-side town of Japan. Suzume, a novelist who struggles on her second work, goes back to her hometown and works as a librarian in the bicycle courier department. Her job is to deliver the books by riding a bicycle across the town to people live there. The department functions very well because people can read books without going a library. She works with Ken-Ichi Okazaki, a former bike racer and Hana, who is a daughter of a sarcastic supervisor of the department.

One day, an old regular user lady of the library, Tome, says Suzume that she was also a librarian and used to work for the former library as a librarian which burned by air raids during the World War II.

On the other hand, the town come alive by upcoming "Warrior Parade Festival" for celebrating the 400 Years Anniversary of the castellan in the 15th century. For the festival, the department members are needed to find one very old book, called "Book of the Heirloom". Since the book can help to restore the original design of kimono that a princess role of the festival will wear. So they look for the book at the library and also throughout the town as well. At the same time, the library is planning to demolish the department. Thus, Suzume exerts herself to stop closing the department and searching for the historical book.

Where ism the book?
Will the kimono print be finished in time for the festival?
And will Suzume be able to start and finish her very own second novel?


©2016 "UMISUZUME" FIlm Committee. All rights reserved.

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