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The Ex-idol, Stuck in Life, Decided to Live with a Complete Stranger

Director: Mayu AKIYAMA
Cast: Mai Fukagawa / Ryo MATSU-URA / Yurina YANAGI / Kenta IZuka /

Ryosuke MIYAKE / Ai MORITAKA / Aoba KAWAI / Yurei YANAGI / Arata IURA

Genre: Comedy / Drama

Status: Completed

Theatrical Release in Japan: 2024

[2023 / 2.35:1 / Color / 5.1ch / 114 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


Ex-idol Akiko (Mai Fukagawa) thinks she is leading a happy and fulfilling life and works as hard as she can do, but one day on her way to work, her legs suddenly stops moving at the station. After quitting her job due to a mental illness, Akiko lives in a 500 USD apartment with no bath, no job, no boyfriend, and a balance of 1,000 USD. She is wrapped up in the thought, "I'm stuck in life..." in the face of this reality. Then, her friend Hikari (Ryo Matsuura) recommends that she move in with Sasapon (Arata Iura), a 56-year-old salaryman who lives alone in a house in Tokyo. Although she is puzzled by the unexpected proposal, she is lured by Hikari's offer of 300 USD for rent, including bath, and begins a strange life together with Sasapon.


©︎2023 Eiga "Jinsei ni Tsunda Moto Idol wa Akano Tanin no Ossan to Sumu Sentaku wo Shita" Production Committee

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