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The Exorcist Nurse

Director: Masashi YAMADA
Cast: Nanami YAMADA / Haruka MOMOKAWA / Kaori SAEKI / Yu WAKAMATSU / Masumi HIROSE

Genre: Horror

Theatrical Release in Japan: October 2018

[2018 / Color / HD / Stereo / 96 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]

Toshie works as a nurse in a hospital. A newlywed, Yukiko, who visits the hospital to have an examination is suffering from an unknown disease. Recently, when her husband touches her, the touched part turns red and black and swells up. At the same time Yukiko sees a doctor regularly, bizarre things happen inside the hospital. From the symptoms of Yukiko and the strange phenomena in the hospital, a chief nurse who felt spiritual signs brings the exorcist nurse, Miss Matsutomo. Toshie accepts the existence of the exorcist nurse, who can import patients’ spiritual symptoms into herself and eliminate it. However, spiritual thing possesses Yukiko tries to possess Miss Matsutomo as well.


©2018 Aruji KUROKI / "Kurokan" Production Committee

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