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The Voice of Water

Director: Masashi YAMAMOTO
Cast: Hyunri / Jun Murakami / Shuri / Akihiro KAMATAKI / Natsuko NAKAMURA / Takashi ODA

Genre: Suspense / Drama

[2014 / Color / HD / Stereo / 129 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]

[Festival Records]

Official Selection - The 65th Berlin International Film Festival

Official Selection - The 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival

Official Selection - The 16th Jeongju International FIlm Festival



At a Korean town, Shinjuku, Tokyo – a town of mixed culture and races. Minjung is invited by her friend, Mina, to pretend to be a “Miko” (a cult leader). Aiming to earn some money lightheartedly and simply, and with the being to quit it after a short while, Minjung accepts it. However, their believers increase, and this leads Minjung and Mina to establish a religious group, ”Godʼs Water.” Because of this, it becomes impossible for these two to simply quit what they have started.

Minjungʼs father is chased by debt collectors, the mad Yakuzas (gangsters). An advertising agent man who is trying to create a cult community as his business. A woman tries to satisfy her desire with the cult group. The believers are asking Minjung for help. A young guru, Minjung suffers from everything surrounding her between holiness of gods and her usual life. By this, gradually, she faces “religion” sincerely and seriously. She devotes herself to the gods to become a prayer for this insecure and unstable time to save all the people living in this world.

What is “real” and what is “unreal”? What will she watch in this world?



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