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Three Lights

Director: Kohki YOSHIDA

Cast: Ryo IKEDA / Hiroshi SUZUKI / Kazuha KOMIYA / Emi MAKI / Natsumi ISHIBASHI / Takenori GOTO

Genre: Drama / Arthouse / Music

[2017 / Color / HD / Stereo / 108 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


Official Selection: The 67th Berlin International Film Festival - Forum Section


In an abandoned warehouse district, a single unit remains lit. Surrounded by mountains of musical instruments, Masaki sits alone working on a music piece. His friend, K, could be found at his side from time to time.

“No one’s coming, you know.”
“Not with that attitude.”

The unit was once used as a music studio. Now, not a soul comes but the two young men. The kindergarten teacher, Aoi, hasn’t been to work in a while. Her engagement was destroyed by another woman. She spends a day lying lifeless in bed, when she lays her hand on the keys of the piano she keeps in her room. She plays a tune that expresses the movement of her heart. The weak tones echo in the nothingness. She begins to upload videos of her playing sessions to a video site. She says, “No one watches my videos, but at least I’m moving forward.” These videos are her only connection to the outside world.

Michiko, a housewife, once imagined a perfect family life for herself. A family with enough fiscal means to be free. A happy one with children. Now, two years after her marriage, she lives a life far from that ideal. She hardly talks to her husband, despite living together. She says, “I have tons of free time, but no freedom. I want to get out there more.” The only person she could share her true thoughts with was the coach of a tennis class she started attending to break up the monotony.

The four of them begin to distance themselves from their normal lives, and eventually meet. The unlikely group become utterly engrossed by one another, and begin to form a mysterious community.



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