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To Heal the Heart

Director: Mojiri ADACHI
Cast: Tasuku EMOTO / Machiko ONO / Gaku HAMADA / Kodai ASAKA / Kurumi SHIMIZU /

Shusaku KAMIKAWA / Tamiyasu CHO / Isao HASHIZUME / Katsunori UCHIBA / Kami HIRAIWA /

Midoriko KIMURA / Ryo ISHIBASHI / Masaomi KONDO

Based on the book by Katsumasa AN: “Kokoro no Kizu wo Iyasu toyukoto”

Genre: Family / Drama

Theatrical Release in Japan: 2021

[2021 / Color / DCP / Stereo / 116 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


A young psychiatrist, Kazutaka An is a professional-level jazz pianist and a "bashful" young man who loves mahjong and reading. As a second-generation Korean born in Japan, he has spent his youth searching for his place in the world, but he finally finds peace of mind when he meets his cheerful wife, Sueko, and shares his concerns as a fellow Koreans living in Japan.

Shortly after the birth of his first child, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake strikes. The Kobe University Hospital, where he works, is like a field hospital. He begins to ask himself what he can do as a psychiatrist. When he approaches the victims, everyone is tight-lipped. The emotional trauma suffered by the people is endless. The voices of "Help!" coming from a collapsed apartment building in a neighborhood engulfs in fire never left the victims' ears. Their memories of the moment of the earthquake always reappear in their minds. Kazutaka's wife also has many sleepless nights. As Kazutaka continues to stay close to the victims and listen to their stories, he realizes that what psychiatrists can do is not to treat them, but to help them regain their healing powers. However, even as the city recovers, the days of taking care of people's "unhealed trauma" for a long time pushes Kazutaka himself into a corner. Later, he writes a book about the disaster area as he sees it as a psychiatrist, which wins an academic award. He has finally establishes his own world and is beginning to see a bright future for himself. At the age of 39, Kazutaka is diagnosed with cancer. At that time, a new life is being born in his wife's womb.


©︎Eiga "Kokoro no Kizu wo Iyasuto Iukoto" Production Committee

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