True Believer

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Director: Hideki Kojitani

Genre: Documentary / Sci-Fi / UFO

[2019 / Color / HD / Stereo / 124 min. / Japan’s Release: Dec. 2019]


Director Kojitani, who is grabbed his attention by the image of the corpse of an alien on the moon's surface, asks some UFO researchers about its authenticity.  However, most of their opinion is that it is forgery. This spurs Kojitani to conduct numerous interviews on various people who have had personal experiences with UFOs. One day, Tetsuo Shoji, a man who claimed he can call upon UFOs, and Kojitani attempts to capture a UFO on camera. During trying capturing it, a UFO actually appeared, and Shoji uses his smartphone to capture it on camera. However, Kojitani can’t film it. A few months later, Kojitani tries to shoot a UFO on camera again, but Shoji never shows up and becomes a missing person.

His sudden disappearance shakes Shoji's lover, Yasuko. Shoji is arrested for violating the Stimulants Control Law.

Shoji asserts that he was falsely accused. Yasuko fervently defends Shoji. After being released from a jail, Kojitani immediately attempts to capture a UFO on camera with Shoji, but he starts having new doubt about Shoji. Is his ability real? Does he really see UFOs? Do UFOs exist?


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