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Yassa Daruman

Director: Ken-ichi OHMORI
Cast: Hisanori SATO / Ma-asa SUDO / Ayana TAKETASU / Ichirota MIYAGAWA / Misa SHIMIZU / Yuki MEGURO

Genre: Romance / Drama

Theatrical Release in Japan: September 2018

[2018 / Color / HD / Stereo / 91min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


Hajime is a city official who works for the Yassa Daruman section of the city hall.  People in the section administer Yassa Daruman, a mascot character of the city, and conduct public relations activities.  However, Yassa Daruman operated by Hajime has finished the result of 236th place in the nationwide character contest.  The section chief scolds and encourages Hajime who does not care about the result because the downturn in rankings is as usual.  Every time the city's event happens, Hajime wears and act as Yassa Daruman, and in every evening, he goes to the bar and to drink.  The bar master and his family look at him and sigh every day.


Yuna who is a big fan of Yassa Daruman has been assigned to the section.  Hajime who fell in love with her at first sight suddenly becomes motivated.  The positive atmosphere of the section is created by Yuna, and they will set up a big project of Yassa Daruman. 


©︎2018 "Yassadaruman" Production Comittee

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