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Director: Ryuichi HIROKI

Original Comic: Naoki YAMAMOTO
Cast: Jun MURAKAMI / Nahana / Masao YOSHII / Momoka AYUKAWA / Shima ONISHI /

Kenta KIGUCHI / Tomu MIYAZAKI / Tomorrow TAGUCHI / Wyolica / Setsuko KARASUMA

Genre: Drama

Theatrical Release in Japan: February 2022
[2021 / Color / HD / 1:1.85 / 5.1ch / 115 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]



“S.M. – the ultimate in LOVE between male and female”

The film by two maestros of gender and sexuality art.  The one maestro of eroticism art, film director, Ryuichi Hiroki filmed a piece based on the other maestro, a genius manga artist Naoki Yamamoto.

“ The You’ve got a friend” – A nostalgic and mysterious human love story by a S.M. Queen Miho and the extreme masochist Yoshio Yoshida.  


Yoshio Yoshida, a diligent man who works for the city's water department and lives with his bedridden mother, is a hardcore masochist man. He regularly visits to the SM club queen Miho, but he still cannot forget the legendary S.M. queen Yukiko who brought him into the sadism and masochism world. While he chases the afterimages of Yukiko, he sees her in an unexpected place...


©︎2021 "Yugata no Otomodachi" Production Committee

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