Zero as You Are

Director: Miyuki TOKOI

Genre: Documentary / LGBTQ

Theatrical Release in Japan: Spring 2020

[2019 / Color / HD / Stereo / 81 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]



24-year-old Sky Kobayashi has been trying to find his true gender since childhood. Born as a girl, he was one of the first students in Japan to persuade a junior high school to accept a female as a boy. At 20, he underwent surgeries so that he could legally become a man, the youngest case in Japan. But this was just the beginning. Sky then discovered that he does not identify as a man either and is now searching beyond binary genders. We followed Sky for nine years on his journey through genders.

[Director's Statement]

I have always wondered since my childhood what it means by ‘standard’. Do I have to give up some of my features to conform to stereotypical standards? Is it really wrong to deviate from these standards?

Because to me, current society seems to have a lot of standards that we have to fit ourselves into and we are often categorized based on those standards, including sexuality. Sometimes we are categorized into something that we don’t want. In extreme cases we may be labeled as ‘abnormal’ if we differ from the conventional standards.

But I think we cannot really live freely in such a society. Instead, I want to live in a society without boundaries where we can be our true selves, and we can respect each other and accept our differences. I make this film hoping to contribute to achieving such an ideal society.



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