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All Aboard!

Director: Sei-ichi HISHIKAWA
Yukino MURAKAMI ("The Chrysanthemum and the Guillotine" by Takahisa ZEZE) / Soma FUJII /

Katsuhiro SHIMAMOTO ("Silence" by Martin Scorsese) / Hannya ("Shin Gozilla" by Masatsugu HIGUCHI)

Genre: Comedy / Family

Theatrical Release in Japan: Summer 2021

[2020 / Color / 4K / DCP / 90 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]

[Festival Record]

Winner: Awa Culture Promotion Grand Prize - 4K / VR Tokushima Movie Festival 2020

Official Selection: Buenos Aires International Film Festival 2020

Official Selection: Big Apple Film Festival 2020

Winner: Best Foreign Feature Award - London Independent Film Awards 2020

Official Selection: Golden Bridge Istanbul Film Festival 2020

Winner: Director Award - Montreal Independent Film Festival 2020



Haruka lives with her father Goro, who has feelings for women, her uncle Kentaro, who is in love with a prostitute, and her cousin Manabu, an aspiring singer-songwriter. Their meals are always noisy and lively, and despite their problems, they lead a cheerful life. However, when it is discovered that Haruka is suffering from an incurable disease, the four of them begin to have their days shaken.


©︎Tokushima Pref. / DRAWING AND MANUAL

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