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Around the edge of the stand

(ALTANATIVE Title: the edge of their seats)

Director: Hideo JOJO

Cast: Rina ONO / Amon HIRAI / Marin NISHIMOTO / Shuri NAKAMURA / Hikari KUROKI / Rikki METSUGI

Genre: Coming of Age / Comedy

Theatrical Release in Japan: 2020

[2020 / Color / HD / Stereo / 77 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]

[Festival Records]

Official Selection - 15th Osaka Asian Film Festival


At the first round of the national high school baseball championships, a group of four students from the same high school, who sit around the edge of the stand to support the players on the field, are watching the game.  Despite giving up on winning from the beginning, the theater club members, Yasuda and Tamiya, come to the infield seats without knowing the rules of baseball to back up their school team.  After that, a former baseball club member, Fujino, comes over and makes a fool of the substitute.  Even though Yasuda and Tamiya are friends, they seem to care about each other strangely and don't care much about the game in front of them.  Miyashita, who secretly thinks of the ace pitcher, Sonoda, sits a little away from other three.  As each of the four looks at the game with something in their mind, the game has a breathtaking flow of competing for one point.  Eventually, the four is absorbed in the game.


©︎2020 "Alps Stand no Hashi no Hou" Production Committee

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