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Battle King!!

Director: Genki TAKIGAWA
Cast: Eiku YAMASHITA / Hayato TAKAO / Naoya KUSAKAWA / Kenshin KAMIMURA /

Tetta SEKI / Rei SAWAMURA / Arisa SAKURA / Fuminori OGAWA / Fumiya TAKAO

Seiya OKAMOTO / Jun MUTO / Shunta SONO / Ryushin TEI / Fumina HARA

Genre: Coming-of-Age / Action / Romance

Theatrical Release in Japan: 2023

[2023 / Color / HD / 5.1ch / 94 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]


Genjiro thinks it is foolish to be serious about his dreams and spends his time fighting in clubs with his friends. One day, he breaks into a prestigious art school and destroys the facilities. The principal allows him to clean up the school grounds, where he meets a girl named Kano, who is devoted to dance. Kano invites Genjiro to join her in a hip-hop duet dance, and gradually Genjiro begins to seriously devote himself to dance. He finally finds his dream, but just as he is about to do so, a war breaks out between a rival group of delinquents.


©︎Eiga "Battle King ! ! " Production Committee

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