Center Line

Director: Takumi SHIMOMUKAI


Genre: Sci-Fi / Thriller

Theatrical Release in Japan: May 2018

[2018 / HD / Color / Stereo / 73 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]

[Festival Record]

Winner: Jury Prize / The 21st San Francisco International Film Festival

Winner: Best Foreign Language Editing Award / London Filmmaker International Film Festival



In 2028, a dramatic decrease of traffic accidents is brought by development of AI, Motorcar Autonomous Control Operator.


Meanwhile, Amane Yonago, a new prosecutor is assigned to an unimportant section, the traffic division of Aichi District Public Prosecutors Office.


She is dissatisfied with her post so she starts taking it out on her boss for neglect of duty, and planning to achieve a feat in order to come back on a fast track. When she knows that the AI has caused a deadly accident drifting over the center line by its failure, she decides to indict it as an entity which can be able to take full responsibility for it. Is the accident simply caused by glitch or intentionally manipulated by the AI? Can Yonago file charges against the AI in terms of a program?

©2018 Production Mozu 

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